December 28, 2010

my kristopher

| love + happiness + a lot of work |

should i have left out the "work" part like so many people do? call me crazy but if there was no work involved how would we grow? i love him. with everything i have.

this marriage was 8 years in the making. and he waited for me.

he is my husband.

he is "step-daddy." he is my best friend. he is a provider. he is "uncle niss!" he is an amazing son. he is an amazing brother. he is my brothers brother.

he is a deputy sheriff. he has to deliver bad news on a daily basis. he is the person who i would want to deliver the bad news.

he makes me laugh. he makes me crazy.

you will be hearing a lot of my husband. he probably won't like it. thats okay. he loves me.

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