January 5, 2011

sibiling love

| so much love + happiness |

these are without a doubt my favorite pictures of all time. their love, protection and bond warms my heart. 

anyone that knows alex + jordo see's it, feels it and admires it. 

who doesn't hope their children will be best friends? don't get me wrong, they call each other out. 

last night alexandra was complaining that jordan tells me everything.

my response,"then why do you tell him your secrets?" 

her response? "duhh mom, he's my baby bro, i tell him everything." 

uhh, okay silly. 

January 3, 2011

yes please.

love love love this. so much so that i wanted to share.

work | my girls

 {thanks for this shot penn}

| a lot of work | 

seriously where do i start? jennifer, gina, brennda, christina, my sis andrea..............

then there is pen-pen. damn i love this woman. 

last year (2010) was NUTS. literally, it was ridiculous to the extent that its a blur. 

33 events...some of the most eclectic clients to date. demanding + loving. crazy + generous. yes, i said crazy.

of course i had to reevaluate how 2011 is going to look for us. missing jordan's football games, birthday parties and family functions are not an option. time is too precious.

the biggest blessing about us being in "demand" is saying "i don't think we are a fit, here are a few suggestions of other planners in town....." oh lordy that feels amazing.

we work our butts off, 7 days a week. 16 hours a day. that's why we're the best in town (mom thank you for teaching me what the meaning of a true hostess is.)

 {taking it all in while in kauai}

i think back on 2010 and i am in awe. grand cayman, mexico, hawaii, palm springs, lake tahoe, san francisco, half moon bay...this list is bountiful and ridiculous even for me to wrap my brain around. we killed it this year. 

national publications.

international blogs. seriously? how did that happen? working my toosh off...that's my conclusion. 

so here's to professional blog/web photos.

here's to smokin' hot clients that make us look good.

...to my husband's eye rolls every time the crack-berry went of. at all hours of the day/night. seven days a week. love you babe.

..and here's to the true meaning of busting your butt to get where you are in life...and isn't it that much sweeter when your best friends are by your side?